5+ Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2023

Are you interested in starting your own podcast but don't want the expense of hiring a hosting service? Don’t worry, we've got you covered! Here are the 9 best free podcast hosting platforms that will get your show up and running quickly without breaking the bank. Let's dive in!

Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular, providing an entertaining form of content that listeners can stream on-the-go and engage with. If you’re looking to get into podcasting, the first step is obtaining a quality podcast hosting platform.

What is Podcast Hosting?

Podcast hosting is the process of making a show available to the public for downloading or streaming on the internet. This technology is used by media owners, businesses, affiliate marketers, and professional podcasters to upload their audio or video content onto servers that distribute it to multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.

When selecting a podcast hosting platform, it is important to consider features such as unlimited storage space, personalizing your podcast feed with artwork and custom marketing messages, automated episode publishing across all platforms simultaneously, analytics on the performance of your show; and support for monetization options.

The right podcast host can help you make sure your show is heard by listeners around the world without sacrificing time doing tedious manual uploading. The best free podcasting hosts also provide a great number of features while not breaking the bank. Free podcast hosts normally offer limited resources as well as other restrictions but can be suitable for hobbyist podcasters or those getting started who need a basic set up with an easy-to-use interface.

Benefits of Using Podcast Hosting Platforms

Benefits of Using Podcast Hosting Platforms - Podcast Hosting Platform

Using a podcast hosting platform comes with a number of benefits for those who would like to create and distribute podcasts. Hosting platforms offer features such as easy RSS and podcast directory integrations, so listeners can find your audio content. Podcast hosting platforms also provide access to analytics, which let you track the performance of your podcasts over time. Additionally, many platforms offer secure hosting which help protect your data and prevent malicious actors from accessing sensitive information.

Furthermore, podcast hosting platforms are a great way to add professional touches to your audio files, including attractive artwork and show notes that give your audience an idea of what topics will be covered in each episode. These additional features can help boost engagement and drive more people to check out your show. Last but not least, many podcast hosting platforms let you monetize your content so you can make money from your work.

Top 9 Best Free Podcast Hosting Platforms

Top 9 Best Free Podcast Hosting Platforms - Podcast Hosting Platform

Podcasts are a great way to share stories, engage with your audience, and spread your message. But if you want to be successful in podcasting, you need a reliable hosting platform. The good news is that there are several free hosting options available for podcast creators to choose from, allowing you to get started without spending any money.

To help guide you in choosing the best free podcast hosting option for your project, here’s our list of the top 9 Best Free Podcast Hosting Platforms:


Anchor provides a simple and streamlined platform designed specifically for podcasters who are just getting started. It's totally free and comes with unlimited storage as well as built-in analytics so you can track your listenership.

Key Points of Anchor

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Free with unlimited storage
  • Built-in analytics to track listenership
  • Ability to monetize your podcast


Breaker offers an expansive list of features that are perfect for people just starting out, including unlimited uploads and episode scheduling. Plus, their personalized SEO recommendations make each episode more searchable so that new listeners can find your podcasts easily.

Key Points of Breaker

  • Unlimited uploads and episode
  • Scheduling
  • Personalized SEO recommendations for better discoverability
  • Ability to monetize your podcast


Buzzsprout makes podcasting easy with its drag-and-drop interface and easy integration with popular services like Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music. Their RSS feed is also optimized so that all major directories already recognize your show’s link when uploading it to them directly from Buzzsprout’s platform.

Key Points of Buzzsprout

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Easy integration with popular services
  • Optimized RSS feed for faster discovery by major directories
  • Ability to monetize your podcast.


Podbean doesn’t offer a lot of features compared to other platforms on this list but it does provide basic functions such as episode scheduling, HD video/audio uploads (up to 500MB per file), advanced reporting/analytics tools, and access to millions of audio files shared by other registered users on the site.

Key Points of Podbean

  • Episode scheduling
  • HD video/audio uploads (up to 500MB per file)
  • Advanced reporting/analytics tools
  • Access to millions of audio files shared by other registered users on the site Ability to monetize your podcast.


This is another popular choice amongst new podcasters due to its optimized web player meant for desktop systems as well as tablet/smartphone devices. Complete with regularly updated metadata tags added automatically during every upload session (which helps make discoverability easier).

Key Points of Podigee

  • Optimized web player for desktop and mobile devices
  • Regularly updated metadata tags are added automatically
  • Ability to monetize your podcast
  • Advanced analytics tools to track your listenership.

Podcast Websites

Their website states they have “no limiting pricing” associated with basic accounts – meaning content creators have access to unlimited podcast hosting without any extra costs added onto monthly fees.

Additionally, metrics tracking allows unprecedented insight into listener behavior patterns which helps podcasters understand market trends better while they formulate strategies during future projects or releases.

Key Points of Podcast Website

  • Unlimited podcast hosting
  • Metrics tracking for insight into listener behavior patterns
  • Ability to monetize your podcast.
  • Advanced analytics tools to track your listenership.


SoundCloud is an excellent choice for people who want to share their podcasts with the world. It has a huge user base and can be used to find new listeners, as well as promote your show on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

You can use SoundCloud’s built-in analytics tools to track how many people are listening to your show, from which countries, and what other shows they’re interested in. If you want to monetize your podcast, SoundCloud also has an integrated subscription service for audio content.

Key Points of SoundCloud

  • Huge user base
  • Built-in analytics tools to track listenership
  • Integrated subscription service for audio content
  • Ability to monetize your podcast.


Spreaker is a great choice for podcasters who want more control over their show without having to learn complicated coding or design processes. It offers a wide range of tools and features, including the ability to instantly publish across all major podcast directories, real-time analytics for each episode, and even live streaming options.

The platform also provides users with access to their own customizable website where they can manage their entire podcasting workflow from start to finish. With the option to monetize their content, Spreaker is a great choice for podcasters who want to make money while they’re building their audience.

Key Points of Spreaker

  • Enterprise Podcasting
  • Podcast Monetization
  • Podcast Analytics
  • Podcast Distribution


Simplecast is a great option for podcasters who need an easy-to-use platform with advanced analytics. It offers unlimited audio hosting, customizable RSS feeds, and integration with popular services like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

It has detailed data tracking that gives you insights into how your podcast is performing so you can take the necessary steps to improve your show. Simplecast is also an affordable option, making it a great choice for both new and experienced podcasters.

Key Points of Simplecast

  • Unlimited storage & uploads
  • Distribution to everywhere your audience listens
  • Basic analytics
  • Customizable show website with custom domain
  • Manage multiple shows with one account
  • Embeddable episode web player

Pros and Cons of Free Podcast Hosting Platforms

Pros and Cons of Free Podcast Hosting Platforms - Podcast Hosting Platform

Free podcast hosting platforms are a popular choice for beginner podcasters, but each has its own pros and cons that may impact the success of your podcast. This guide offers a rundown of the nine best free podcast hosting platforms, including their key features, benefits, and drawbacks.


Buzzsprout is an intuitive platform that allows podcasters to easily manage their show with options to customize RSS feeds, send episodes to different directories, and more. It also provides free artwork creation with drag-and-drop editing tools and analytics support.

It only allows two hours of audio per month with the free plan and podcasts aren’t visible in search engines until they have at least five episodes uploaded.


Anchor also provides free podcast hosting with unlimited storage space as well as basic analytics information. It also offers several promotional features such as monetization options and suggestions for submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts or other directory services.

However, it doesn’t provide any customization options or give insight into how many people listened to each episode.


Spreaker has both basic and pro plans for podcasters who want access to more advanced features such as customizable player widgets dashboard metrics beyond downloads counts. Its package also includes access to their extensive library of royalty-free background music & sound effects which can be used by podcasters at no extra cost.

Unfortunately it only provides up to five hours per month of storage on its basic plans which could be limiting for some podcasts.


Libsyn is one of the oldest podcast hosting services in operation today. It's been around since 2004. This platform supports detailed analytics tracking along with professional features like episode scheduling & archiving your old shows so they don't take up valuable storage space on their servers.

They also provide 50 MB FREE storage upfront (with more available if you upgrade), making them one competitive choice in the market today even despite slightly pricier monthly pricing than some competitors offer on larger packages though there is an annual plan available which might help keep costs down if you're willing commit long-term.

Tips for Choosing the Right Podcast Hosting Platform

Tips for Choosing the Right Podcast Hosting Platform - Podcast Hosting Platform

When choosing a podcast hosting platform, there are several key factors to consider in order to ensure you select the best option for your needs. Here are a few tips to help guide you in making the right decision:

  • Storage Capacity and Bandwidth Allowance: Look for a platform that offers sufficient storage capacity and bandwidth allowance to accommodate your needs now and in the future.
  • Ease of Use: Make sure you select a platform that is user-friendly, so you don’t have to spend hours trying understand how it works before launching your podcast.
  • Monetization Options: Some hosting platforms offer more opportunities than others for monetizing your podcast, so if this is something of interest be sure to do some research on this topic before making your decision.
  • Integrations/APIs: Consider products that can easily integrate with other software or apps you may be using such as wordpress or buffer, as this can save time and simplify the management process overall. The best hosting providers should also make their APIs available for easy access.
  • Security Measures: Above all else, look for a platform with strong security measures in place; it should support secure file transfers at all times and offer reliable backups/redundancy options in case of an emergency or data loss event.

How to Get Started with a Free Podcast Hosting Platform

How to Get Started with a Free Podcast Hosting Platform - Podcast Hosting Platform

Choosing a free podcast hosting platform may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With so many great options available, getting up and running with your own podcast can be done quickly and easily. In this article, we will look at nine of the best free podcast hosting platforms that you can use to share your stories and ideas with the world.

Using a free platform means that you don’t have to worry about up-front costs or ongoing fees. You do, however, need to choose which one is right for you based on your goals and how often you plan on releasing episodes. Some of the best options offer useful features such as unlimited storage space, built-in analytics tools, and even advanced editing capabilities.

To get started with a free platform, first decide what sort of topics you want your show to discuss and what format it should take - interviews? News? Sound bites? Scripted stories? Next check out our list of the top nine free podcast hosting platforms below based on features and ease of use:

  • Anchor: Easy setup process with unlimited storage space.
  • Podbean: Offers accelerated analytics setup.
  • Spreaker: Mobile app help streamline the production process.
  • Libsyn: Largest storage capacity among free hosts.
  • Podigee: Great for entrepreneurs offering professional plans.
  • Soundcloud: Allows recording audio from any device.
  • iTunes Connect or Podcasts Connect (Apple): A simple setup process for Apple users has basic features like artist info & artwork uploads.
  • Simplecast: Most popular for long-term shows featuring strong feature set.

Once you've chosen your host, make sure to research their upload guidelines/restrictions regarding formats as well as any terms & conditions related to content restrictions (pornography, violence etc.). If a host has an approval process in place they will let you know upfront.

After that’s done create content according to their rules - title it accurately & concisely - then upload an episode test run before the wider release date.

Ultimately, the best podcast hosting platform for your needs will depend on several factors, including the type of content you plan to create, your budget, and the features you are hoping to have. While it is possible to find free options that provide decent hosting services, some may also offer add-on features like analytics and marketing tools that can help podcasts more efficiently reach their desired audience.

Whether you decide to go with a premium or free service, keep in mind that updating content regularly is essential for growing your podcast’s listener base and overall success. Finally, make sure you always read the terms and conditions of each host before signing up for their service. You want to make sure that the provider is offering what is best for you and your podcast.