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Hi, Myself Chakkaravarthy Krishnakumar, working as a Senior SEO Executive and Content Writer. I had experience in Blog writing, Career Guidance and Digital Marketing

Myself and my Brother Guru Krishnakumar were started this website to help others to understand What are the current high income skills. Because While doing my college studies. I had struggled a lot to choose a proper opportunity in which career to start. After a long struggle I learnt a blog and come to know about the high income skills.

After that I started more research more on the high income skilled jobs, to encourage my college friends and my neighbors.

During, That time I planned to tell this advantages and disadvantages of high income skills, how to learn these courses, What are the certification needed for these courses, and at-last How to attend the interview and to get a first month salary.

Because I had struggled a lot after completing my Graduation course to place in a proper Industry sector to earn more.

One interesting my brother also had followed the same process. Where he learnt from my mistakes. And he is happy now with financial freedom.

We hope that our website can provide very useful information's to all my website readers regarding to structure your life without committing mistakes.

Thank you for trusting us.

If you have any queries you can contact us through email : bloggeniee@gmail.com