Top 14 High CPC Keyword Niche List for USA 2023

High CPC Keyword Niche List for USA 2023: Ready to make some cold hard cash? Look no further than our high CPC keyword list for the United States of America. If you think you need to be an SEO guru or webmaster extraordinaire to make money online, think again! With this convenient list of top CPC keywords, you can start your journey towards monetizing your website today.


Are you looking to increase your online visibility and reach potential customers in the United States of America (US)? A high CPC keyword list for the US can help you reach more targeted audiences with higher-paying ads, as well as more conversions.

The following article looks at some of the best keywords in this category, with suggested strategies for maximizing their use. We will also discuss how to use them effectively together to create better campaigns and generate greater ROI. Finally, we will examine other useful metrics that can help you identify profitable keywords for your US-based campaigns. With these strategies in hand, you can unlock a greater potential for success in the competitive digital landscape.

Overview of CPC in the United States

Understanding cost per click (CPC) of keywords in the United States is an important part of creating successful online advertising campaigns. Cost per click is often considered within the context of geographic region, and each region has its own set of dynamics that should be taken into consideration when trying to determine which keywords will be more profitable.

Within the United States, Cost Per Click (CPC), or Estimated CPC, is a metric used to measure average cost for clicks received by an advertisement within a particular geo-targeted market. Typically, CPC prices fluctuate based on the amount of competition associated with a keyword phrase. Higher competition could mean higher CPC prices while lower competition could lead to lower costs per click.

Additionally, understanding differences in clicks between various states and regions can provide valuable insight into how much one should bid for specific queries in order to maximize traffic from these areas as well as earn higher ROI from ad spends. Surveys of CPC prices and search engine trends for different regions can help brands or business owners create better informed campaigns and adjust bidding according to their goals.

Popular High CPC Keywords in the United States

When you're creating content for websites targeting the United States market, it can be a great idea to include popular high CPC (cost-per-click) keywords. This can help your website show up in search engine results for those specific keywords, thus increasing your potential for traffic and revenue.

Here is a list of some of the popular high CPC keywords in the United States:

  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Real estate
  • Mortgage
  • Attorney
  • Lawyer
  • Credit
  • Business
  • Home improvement
  • Degree
  • Hosting
  • Software services
  • Medical care
  • Travel agency

These key phrases are often searched by users who are interested in making a purchase or finding more information about a particular topic, so it can be quite valuable to incorporate them into your website's content. Keep in mind that while they may have higher rates, they also come with higher competition, so targeting such terms requires careful evaluation and sound strategizing.

High CPC Keyword Niche List for USA

Insurance CPC Keywords in USA

Key phraseMax search, monthlyCompetitionTop of page bid (low range), $Top of page bid (high range), $
geico quote1000000438,00514,32
geico car insurance quote1000004410,72552,88
geico motorcycle insurance10000374,50663,95
geico motorcycle10000284,16695,29
geico insurance company100000525,12344,20
geico commercial100000147,25352,76
geico car insurance100000448,69392,34
geico auto insurance100000437,50423,82
geico insurance quote100000466,69480,89
geico auto insurance quote100004810,89512,97

Loans CPC Keywords in USA

Key phraseMax search, monthlyCompetitionTop of page bid (low range), $Top of page bid (high range), $
va loan1000008314,35340,00
regions home equity loan10009410,00255,74
regions bank home equity loan10009211,68254,73
regions heloc rates100846,84254,73
my regions mortgage10000612,98236,83
smb lending1000514,39195,00
vylla mortgage1000533,91192,92
quick business finance1008922,11150,93
fast business loans10008757,19148,80
apply for debt consolidation loan navy federal100687,54146,98

Lawyer CPC Keywords in USA

Key phraseMax search, monthlyCompetitionTop of page bid (low range), $Top of page bid (high range), $
truck accident lawyer100003471,25224,54
davis law1000033,57174,90
personal injury lawyer1000004040,00146,77
best felony lawyers100204,74100,01
24 hour dui lawyer1007615,4986,04
ovi lawyers near me100844,8472,47
irs lawyer100008621,4461,11
crime lawyers near me10006011,1856,25
crime lawyer10005811,0652,00
personal defense lawyer100897,4139,29

Credit Cards CPC Keywords in USA

Key phraseMax search, monthlyCompetitionTop of page bid (low range), $Top of page bid (high range), $
citi cards100000224,4935,00
best credit cards for students100000757,0226,41
best travel credit card100000906,3520,05
american express savings100000202,9216,70
best credit cards1000000875,9214,36
elan credit card10000033,3713,00
credit card companies10000742,7010,55
amex gold card10000203,639,63
discover it100000242,798,56

Degree CPC Keywords in USA

Key phraseMax search, monthlyCompetitionTop of page bid (low range), $Top of page bid (high range), $
associate of science degree10000255,2719,38
social work courses1000696,5419,20
snhu online classes10005110,9919,05
asu online classes1000486,5718,84
my personal mba100920,3918,62
front range community college online classes100364,1118,44
mba systems100508,5718,31
lacc online classes1000365,7918,18
imd mba100064,3918,11
columbia university mba10000275,1018,00

Hosting CPC Keywords in USA

Key phraseMax search, monthlyCompetitionTop of page bid (low range), $Top of page bid (high range), $
hostgator vps hosting1006518,0557,64
hostgator vps plans100483,3751,48
sage 50 cloud hosting1007911,1050,00
google cloud hosting for wordpress1008820,0050,00
ibm i cloud hosting100848,0446,86
wordpress cloud hosting10008314,9643,68
cloud hosting service provider1002228,6041,00
ftp hosting10007312,0737,56
secure hosted exchange100384,5235,00
magento 2 cloud hosting10010015,7832,40

Webinar CPC Keywords in USA

Key phraseMax search, montlyCompetitionTop of page bid (low range), $Top of page bid (high range), $
online video conference services1004920,2560,33
best online conferencing1004811,9644,47
webinar analytics100549,5234,85
best webinar platforms 201910758,7131,50
everwebinar pricing1000195,9328,65
webinar providers100837,5025,30
aca online meetings1000811,5025,00
best online meeting services1006513,1223,77

Tips for Finding High CPC Keywords in the United States

Finding high Cost Per Click (CPC) keywords in the United States is an important part of keyword research and provides valuable insight into the potential profitability of a website or business. The higher the cost per click, the more money that can be made from each visitor to the website. In order to maximize the potential for high CPC-keywords there are several steps that should be taken.

Step 1: Analyze current trends in terms of search queries. Finding high CPC keywords in the United States will require extensive research on popular search terms and their associated costs per click.

Tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends can provide valuable insight into which keywords are currently most profitable and have potential for growth in popularity.

Step 2: Analyze targeted market segments for underserved niches that can result in higher CPCs than average. Consider targeting less competitive markets or searching out “long tail” keywords that have fewer competitors, but still a substantial amount of searches.

Identifying related terms with large amounts of searches but minimal competition can also lead to high CPC-terms.

Step 3: It is important to remain aware of shifts in consumer trends and preferences when researching potential keyword opportunities in order to find words with a potentially high cost-per-click value that are also relevant to your business strategy or website goals.

By routinely researching new regions or topics, a campaign manager can identify new keyword opportunities with a higher cost-per-click than previously available options by optimizing campaigns with regularly tested elements such as:

  • Page titles and
  • Meta descriptions aimed at specific target audience interests – this combination will help increase conversion rates nationally across all campaigns under management.

Strategies for Optimizing High CPC Keywords in the United States

Optimizing for high CPC keywords in the United States is an important step for any online marketer or advertiser to consider. With a higher-than-average cost-per-click (CPC) for most US search terms, it’s often a necessity to focus on the keywords with the highest CPCs in order to ensure maximum ROI.

When selecting high CPC keywords, one strategy can be to focus on longer phrases with more targeted intent. These are typically more narrowly defined queries made by consumers who are closer to action and more likely to make purchases. Relevant match types should also be given thought; broad match may result in lower conversions, while narrow or exact phrasings fuel higher click situations.

In tandem with this thought process, another key strategy is to research the keywords of existing competitors. Knowing what competitors are bidding on, and how those bids may vary across different locations and devices can help entrepreneurs make well-informed decisions when selecting their own query mix and pricing setup.

Regardless of technique or selection process, focusing on high CPC words as part of an overall keyword selection campaign enables advertisers and marketers alike to not only drive more clicks but also generate higher ROIs and improve long term performance results.

Examples of High CPC Keywords in the United States

High-cost-per-click (CPC) keywords are a marketer’s best friend. Consumers in the United States are willing to pay a premium for certain types of products and services, particularly in industries such as finance, insurance, eCommerce, and legal services. Understanding how to optimize paid search campaigns requires knowledge of high CPC keywords that can drive relevant traffic and quality leads.

Although the U.S. market is highly competitive and somewhat costly compared to other markets, there is plenty of opportunity for those looking to advertise their products or services. Here are some examples of high CPC keywords in the United States:

  • Finance:
    • Investing strategy ($44/CPC)
    • 401k advice ($39/CPC)
    • Wealth management ($37/CPC)
  • Insurance:
    • Long term care insurance ($27/CPC)
    • Homeowners insurance quotes ($25/CPC)
    • Rental property insurance ($24/CPC)
  • eCommerce:
    • Organic mattress prices ($47/CPC)
    • Essential oil diffusers ($39/CPC)
    • Nature photography prints ($38/CPC)
  • Legal Services:
    • Probate attorney fees ($31/CPC)
    • Adoption lawyer near me ($30/CPC)
    • Divorce lawyer directory ($28/CPC)


Finding the best keywords with higher Cost-Per-Click (CPC) can be a time-consuming process. But having the right list of quality keywords can help you increase your marketing reach and maximize your returns on investment (ROI). To help, we have compiled a comprehensive list of high CPC keywords for the United States of America that advertisers use to target potential customers for their services or products in this region.

Our keyword list contains phrases that have very high relative search volume and attract higher CPC values. Included are specific topics related to business, finance, sports, health, travel, technology and more. The topics are categorized based on their relevance to these areas mentioned above. Furthermore, each topic covers an array of related phrases and relevant variants.

We understand how invaluable quality keyword research is in creating and sustaining success online. Therefore, our list is created solely with this goal in mind by providing robust data backed by algorithmic insights. A single confirmation click will give you a complete overview of each keyword’s performance including monthly search volume, competition level and average Cost Per Click (CPC). With all key metrics at the ready, it makes it easier to create targeted campaigns aimed at your desired outcome.


When it comes to selecting the best keywords for targeting the United States of America, having a good understanding of its demographics and interests can really pay off. Researching the top high CPC keywords using this guide should give you a good starting point, however, more detailed research into specific niches will be key to creating an effective campaign.

It’s important to remember that keyword payment costs depend on supply and demand. So, it's essential to keep up-to-date with potential changes in pricing as your campaign progresses. Keep an eye on trends and don’t be afraid to optimize or change your strategy if it’s needed. With this knowledge, you should be able to refine your choices and make better informed decisions for higher ROI and greater success with campaigns in the United States of America.

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